Luna Fatale makes finely crafted 100% mesh drafting tables


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Luna Fatale Creations announces their premier line of Couples Animated Drafting / Artist tables. Each one is a faithful and accurate reproduction of a real-world antique classic.

Your avatar holds drafting accessories (e.g. dividers, triangle, pencil & more) and draws in a smooth, high quality animation.

  • AND, the painting appears on the vellum, over time, as you paint.
  • YES, both your avatar AND the painting are animated.


View the couples animations for all three tables at the Marketplace. Or come to the store and try them all for yourself.

These couples animated drafting table (and accessories) makes a great home or office conversation area or central focus point. It’s ideal for business office, home office or family room. It’s also perfect for your art studio or fashion design workplace. The ensemble is loaded with seven (7) high-quality animations for male and female avatars; including couples animations. There is a robust adjustment tool for personalizing the pose positions and rotations to fit your avatar.

Craftsman Style Drafting Table in American Walnut and Curly Maple. Complete with Walnut and Leather Stool, Three (3) Antique Drafting Table Lamps, Animated Drawings and many accessories.
See this product at the Marketplace.

Industrial Revolution Style Drafting Table in Distressed Oak, Curly Maple & Iron. Complete with Rusted Steel & Naugahyde Stool, Five (5) Antique Drafting Table Lamps, Animated Drawings, Matching Waste Bin & many accessories.
See this product at the Marketplace.

Austrian Classic Style Drafting Table in Cast Iron, Steel & Curly Maple. Complete with Cast Iron, Steel & Naugahyde Stool, Six (6) Antique Drafting Table Lamps, Animated Drawings, Matching Waste Bin, Matching File Cabinet & many accessories.
See this product at the Marketplace.

Product comparison chart


Luna Fatale has the distinction of having 100% 5 star reviews across our entire product line!


  • Animated painting: Drawing appears slowly on the vellum as your avatar uses the drawing animations
  • Load alternate “Expansion Packs” of industry specific drawings OR create and load your own
  • Remembers (where you left off): drawing resumes from where you left off when you stood up
  • Selectable Aspect Ratios: Vellum can be: Landscape (horizontal 4:3), Square & Portrait (vertical 3:4)
  • No pose balls: No unsightly pose balls to clutter up your home or business
  • Ease of use: Features are menu assisted, no notecards to edit
  • Low Prims: Only 5 – 14 PE/LI prims are required (see comparison chart above)
  • Seven (7) animations: Two (2) single animations and five (5) couples animations
  • Pose Adjustment: Menu assisted pose adjustments to fit your avatar size
  • 100% MESH
  • Lifetime Free Upgrades


  • Animated drafting table, stool & drawing
  • Selection of Antique Drafting Table “Clamp-on” Lamps
  • Numerous drafting accessories to rez or wear (e.g. pencils, pencil sharpener, triangles, dividers, T-square, etc.)
  • Numerous Office accessories to rez (e.g. coffee cup full of pencils, engineering reference book, etc.)

Luna Fatale creates & sells fine furnishings, art, art accessories & gadgets that we ourselves would like to have in our own Second Life homes. If we can’t find something or we don’t love the things we do find, we build it ourselves and offer a quality, fully featured product to the Second Life community at a fair price.

Visit our in-world store to see a demonstration. Be sure to visit the gallery upstairs too.

Visit our Marketplace store to view other related items (e.g. “Expansion Packs”) and other fine art accessories.


Valve’s CEO (Steam) says the future of gaming is about goods and services


While checking Natales Urriah’s always informative blog today, I read this post about controversies stirred by Microsoft’s future plans to include Windows Store to the coming release of Windows 8 and how this will affect other companies. In her post Natales links to an article published by the technology news sector of the BBC site, where the author reports comments by Valve’s CEO and former Microsoft employee Gabe Newell. For those of you unfamiliar with Valve, this is the company running Steam, the software distribution system that will soon add Second Life to its vast catalog.

What caught my attention is this part of the article:

Mr Newell said Valve was preparing for the future in other ways. In particular, he said, it was trying to make tools and services that players could use to make games and gaming more fun for everyone.

“We think the future is very different [from] successes we’ve had in the past,” he said.

“When you are playing a game, you are trying to think about creating value for other players, so the line between content player and creator is really fuzzy.”

One harbinger of this future was perhaps found, he said, in the success of one Team Fortress player in Kansas who was earning $150,000 (£97,000) a year making virtual hats.

“This isn’t about video games,” he said. “It’s about thinking about goods and services in a digital world.”

This seems to confirm that there is a concerted effort between Valve and Linden Lab and that the direction this is taking is to position SL as a creativity platform with, but not only, gaming elements. And apparently Mr. Newell has a very clear picture of what Valve’s roadmap is. So, allow me to speculate on this but, if plans go as expected, this may even lead to a future acquisition of Linden Lab by Valve.

Linden Lab has the best social tool and doesn’t know it?


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Social networks are often a heated topic among Second Life users. Many take issue with Facebook for its policy on real names and subsequent bannings. More recently Google stirred the pot with the launch of Google Plus, its new social network still in beta. Many Second Life users, including me, welcomed Google Plus as a good alternative to Facebook for its sleek interface, followers grouping and its open policy about identity. Or, so we thought. It took only a few days for the Second Life community on Google Plus to get a cold shower when the first accounts were suspended for using “fake names”.

In the meantime, Linden Lab is beta testing its own social features with new web profiles and has sent emails to its users with friend recommendations. A number of bloggers have commented on this coming feature with mixed feelings. Some like Tateru Nino aren’t particurarly enthused. Others, like Pussycat Catnap, think it’s a good idea that needs refinement.

I stand in the camp of those not particurarly impressed. Do I really need friend recommendations? Or, another social stream to take care for? As far as I can tell, there is no way to aggregate all your friends’ streams. What’s the point of posting on someone’s else profile other than an occasional comment? Why would this be more convenient than a regular IM? It may be too early to judge on this feature, perhaps this may appeal to the more social users of the grid, but my first impression is that it doesn’t really add much to the way I use Second Life.

My friend list in Second Life is not like having followers on Twitter or Google Plus. I don’t take random friendship requests, as a matter of fact I discourage them. My friend list is strictly made of real friends, work contacts or people I need to keep in touch with. Anything more than that would make my list unmanageable. In my opinion, the reason why most of the people who work, build and create in Second Life, those whose main activity is not socialization, won’t find much value in these social streams is that they fall short to their needs. That said, I can imagine this feature to have some appeal to those users who enjoy Second Life to socialize and meet new friends, though the lack of stream aggregation seems to be a major shortcoming.

Groups, the best social tool

I believe my profile as a Second Life user is a fairly common case. Like most people who need to promote events or products I need an efficient way to communicate to a vast audience. To promote our community I run blogs (different ones, focused on different needs) and have accounts in all the social networks where there is a consistent number of Second Life users. This is on top of the usual promotional activities inworld, of course.Many businesses and communities have web sites, forums, wikis, a presence in social networks to cover their needs. These are a lot of resources to manage, with lots of duplication and little integration.

While this web presence helps for our “community branding” and as an easily accessible and maintainable information repository, it is not very effective as a promotional tool and requires a considerable work to replicate information both inworld and on the web. In our experience our web promotion brings modest results in terms of traffic.

A couple of months ago I offered my opinion on how Linden Lab could improve event promotion in Second Life by extending groups with a web interface in this post. But, groups could be extended even more and be one of the most effective social tools with great benefit for Linden Lab and its users, both in and out Second Life. Are Lindens aware of this potentiality? Maybe, likely, but to date there is no sign of any plan to re-evaluate and improve groups. This is why I consider groups an undervalued, hidden gem and a powerful social tool Linden Lab apparently is not aware of. Until evidence to the contrary.

How could groups be an effective social tool? Well, why not integrating all the resources Second Life people use on the web into groups? How about this:

  • A web page as a front-end with some degree of customization for group presentation.
  • A blog for group notices. Social networks should be integrated in it so that all notices can be automatically broadcasted. Of course, all new notices should be automatically delivered to group members as notices do today, but I would consider a subscription system for people who wants to receive automatic updates without being members.
  • A wiki to store information, images, files.
  • A forum with public and private sections. Having sections would be ideal to cover different needs in the same group, such as a private section for group officers. This could also be organized as an information stream the way Facebook or Google Plus work.
  • Group owners should have the ability to make the group visible on the web.

Think of the advantages: revamped groups could be excellent, more effective promotional and social tools, not only inworld but also on the web. There are literally thousands of groups in Second Life covering all kind of topics which could attract new prospective users and better promote the myriads of activities carried on in Second Life. Could there be a better way to show what Second Life is and how people use it than opening this massive amount of information to the web? The wiki and forum (or info stream) could also relieve group chats by part of the load stress they suffer today.

There are a number of details to consider, of course. Not everyone appreciates the migration of user profile to a web interface due to the increased load time, for instance. Storage and bandwidth could be other issues. However, I think the advantages easily outdo the disadvantages and in my opinion this would be a very welcome improvement.

What is your opinion? Feel free to post your comments, and if you like this suggestion please support it by spreading the word.

Linden Lab, how can I pay you?


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Please, read an update on this matter at the bottom of this post

A couple of weeks ago I reported a problem with one of the International payment providers, ClickandBuy, which you can read in my previous post. As I reported in my post, after having paid my monthly tier to Linden Lab successfully for two months in a row through ClickandBuy, suddenly on May 6th ClickandBuy blocked my account with them without explanation. Let me point out that using ClickandBuy was never my choice, I was forced to open an account with them because that was the only option Linden Lab offered.

As I said in my previous post, after contacting ClickandBuy’s customer service I was informed that I had to provide a color scanned image of my identity card (in an unrelated email I received at a later time they even asked for a copy of my passport), a copy of my bank statement and a copy of an utility bill. I won’t go into the details of how infuriating this request is. Just one question will suffice: what right does ClickandBuy have to poke its nose in my bank account?!?

Anyway, unwillingly I abided by their request. Almost two weeks later, 5 emails with the documents requested and 2 phone calls I am still struggling with ClickandBuy to have my account re-enabled. Without a single answer on their side or even an acknowledgement.

Wait, this is not the end of the story.

Recently Linden Lab sent an email apologizing for the problems occuring since they introduced new payment options for international customers. The email provided a link to this wiki page where I found an email address dedicated to payment problems. I sent an email where I explictly asked what payment options I had. This because two months ago I had no other option than choosing ClickandBuy and wanted to be sure what alternatives I had before messing up with my payment info. I sent an email to explain the problem and received a very polite answer with the options I had.
Worried that the problem with ClickandBuy will take forever to sort out, I decided to change my payment method. A first try with a link on my account page gave no other option but ClickandBuy. So, I tried deleting my payment method. That left me with no option to choose. Nothing! No selection is available.

Now, I am not posting this with the intent of pointing fingers to Linden Lab. I have sent another email to customer service to explain the problem. I am confident that the problem will be fixed… well, sort of confident. I understand there are problems needing to be resolved and not all of them are Linden Lab’s fault. Though, frankly, not being able to choose a payment method after deleting the existing one is disconcerting.

The reason I post this is to bring to the attention of Linden Lab the questionable practices of one of their payment providers, ClickandBuy, and their even more questionable customer service. I ask the Lindens, do you find it acceptable that a provider on which you rely to be paid treat your customers the way I am treated? And, shouldn’t you question their practices? I also question the logic of replacing a payment system that worked with one that is ridden with problems. For the past 4 years I have been regurarly paying my monthly fees to Linden Lab. Currently I pay US$975.00/month in tier to support the community I am part of, on which many people rely on.

So, Linden Lab… how can I pay you?

UPDATE: Linden Lab support replied to the email I sent explaining that in order to submit a payment option I need to make a purchase. Fine. I just wish to point out that at the time of this writing this information is not available on the account page. Furthermore, by the way the page is made the user is led to think that he/she can change payment method, while all the user can do is to delete the current payment information.

Anyway, once I had that bit of missing information I tried to resubmit my credit card info and found that I had 4 or 5 different options, one of them being ClickandBuy. In my post I said that when I had to switch to the new payment system I was forced to use ClickandBuy as it was the only option. I remember that to be the case. However, now that I have tried again and have found more options, I am no longer sure how it was when I had to switch. As for ClickandBuy, after trying repeatedly I gave up trying to get an answer from them. I will never use ClickandBuy again as far as I am concerned.

More teething problems with Linden Lab’s international payment providers

Several Second Life residents are complaining these days of problems with payments. FJ Linden recently posted on the blog to inform people that Linden Lab is aware of the problems. However, there are some serious consequences, as is the case with the Eldars of Elf Clan’s announcement about closing ElvenMyst.

I think we’ll see a number of teething problems while the new payment procedures are made live, mostly due to the fact that many Second Life users have to make large regular payments for tier and this doesn’t bode well with Internet payment providers.

What happened to me today is an interesting example. When tier was due last April my regular payment by credit card failed. I checked my dashboard and found that I was given the option to pay through a new international provider, ClickAndBuy. I had to go through an elaborate registration process, but after that my payment went through. Yesterday the payment for May went through as well.

Today I receive an email by ClickAndBuy saying that my account is blocked, asking to get in touch with customer service. No explanation is provided in the email.


I call and I am informed that I have to provide:

  • a color copy of my identity card
  • a copy of my bank balance
  • a copy of an utility bill

Not one piece of identity, three! Despite the fact that the payments are made through the additional security loop provided by the VISA Verified service.

In 15+ years and hundreds of purchases made on the Internet, it is the first time I receive such a ridiculous request.

Just to make this clear: this is not a problem with Linden Lab, this is a problem with ClickAndBuy, one of their payment providers. Unfortunately, this is a case where one service’s unreasonable security procedures have a negative impact on Linden Lab.

How Linden Lab could simplify promotion in Second Life

Rod Humble started his new assignment as Linden Lab’s CEO with a public relation campaign through the use of social media and a few interviews. One of these interviews was made by Tateru Nino, where I found some interesting suggestions made by Vivienne Daguerre. Vivienne, among other things, suggests improvements to the Viewer 2 interface to better promote events. Her suggestions prompted me to add my own comments on this specific subject, which I wish to repeat and expand here.

As a community manager of the East River Community, I have to deal with events promotion a lot. As anyone who has to deal with promotion in Second Life knows, this can be a quite tedious, complicated work. We use several channels for our community: several groups, a mailing list, our blog, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, and Google Buzz. The same message must be repeated over and over for each channel. There must be a better way. How about simplifyng the whole process?

As a matter of fact, creating a more efficient promotional tool for Second Life residents wouldn’t be a difficult task. is a good example of what I have in mind. is a web service that lets users aggregate all their social network accounts and update them with a click through a single interface. Its usefulness is amplified by being integrated into some popular Twitter readers. I use it extensively to send messages to all the networks I use. I can envision Linden Lab doing the same for our needs. Let’s see how.

Events are usually associated to groups. If I hold regular live music events I want to have a group to promote these events. If groups had a web page the way the new users’ profile pages are — and they should have a better one than what is available today, no matter what — we could have a tool located on this page to promote events. The tool should have an interface so that I can select Second Life groups I am a member of, and those social networks where I have an account, to which send out notices. Group pages should have a button to let users join when open enrollment is enabled, and display buttons for all the promotional channels used so that users have a choice of channels to subscribe to, pretty much the way the new users’ profiles are today. There should be an API so that third-party creators can link their services, and to push content to external web sites. Such a tool can work on top of existing, reliable, well-tested technologies that are easy to implement. Perhaps the only link that needs to be created is the connection between the web and group notices.

How to promote is one side of the problem. The other side is visibility. Today content promotion — where content can be anything from a location to an event — is spread to several places of the Second Life system. There are two things that could be done here: one is to aggregate all this content on a single web location where users can find anything from events to, say, the destination guide. Obvioulsy, this content should be organized by category to facilitate consultation. Another thing to be done is creating a subscription system to events, news, groups that can be easily accessed from one single place, such as the user’s profile page. I want to be able to go to my page and see a list of all the events I have subscribed to (Facebook has something similar). I’d like to receive an email several hours before an event start, and an automatic reminder inworld when the event is about to start.

All this would greatly simplify promotion in Second Life.

A great story of cultural exchange, good will, respect and love for music


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If you love music as much as I do, you will love this project.

Leigh Iacobucci is a filmmaker located in Geneva, Switzerland, who has recently made a documentary, “Take Me Away Fast”, now in post-production. “Take Me Away Fast” is a film about a DJ who journeys throughout West Africa to discover rare, vinyl recordings of Afro-beat and Afro-funk music. Leigh started a campaign to fund her project on Kickstarter, a site that uses social networking to fund creativity. Kickstarter is something that would need a blog post on its own, maybe another time.

I fell in love with Leigh’s project and I want to give a hand. There are only 5 days left to fund this project. If the threshold is not met Leigh will not receive any money. I am sure she’ll make it, as her project is based on a great story of cultural exchange, good will, respect and love for music. But, even if this project is bound to make it, please, watch this trailer to know more about it and help her out with a donation. Even small donations can make a difference.

Thank you.

Chez Ali Grand Opening


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Second Life artist and personal friend Alizarin Goldflake is pleased to announce the grand opening on Saturday, November 27, at 3 pm Second Life time, of CHEZ ALI! 

The shop features an eclectic mix of  beautiful  garden items, furniture, particle emitters, personal accessories, and more, all of which  are derived from her art and studio builds.


They retain the unique and deliciously ethereal quality of Ali’s artwork but are also practical items that will make any Second Life home unique.


You can reach Ali’s store at

A list of interesting Blender tutorials – 01


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This is a first list of interesting tutorials I have found on the net:

  • A tutorial on the Blender 2.5 interface:
  • This is not a tutorial, rather a full course: Blender 3D Design Course
  • These tutorials by Machinimatrix are targeted to Second Life users: The Meshes trail (part I – III)
  • How to create a realistic medium poly tree:
  • While the subject appears to be less interesting, I recommend this tutorial for the techniques used. Mostly project painting, a technique that Second Life builders will find useful: Creating a Wooden Barrel:
  • Introduction to texture nodes in Blender:
  • A 4-parts tutorial on how to create low-poly terrain, excellent for landscapes: Create a Rocky Video Game Terrain in Blender

I will post more as I find them. Stay tuned.