Several Second Life residents are complaining these days of problems with payments. FJ Linden recently posted on the blog to inform people that Linden Lab is aware of the problems. However, there are some serious consequences, as is the case with the Eldars of Elf Clan’s announcement about closing ElvenMyst.

I think we’ll see a number of teething problems while the new payment procedures are made live, mostly due to the fact that many Second Life users have to make large regular payments for tier and this doesn’t bode well with Internet payment providers.

What happened to me today is an interesting example. When tier was due last April my regular payment by credit card failed. I checked my dashboard and found that I was given the option to pay through a new international provider, ClickAndBuy. I had to go through an elaborate registration process, but after that my payment went through. Yesterday the payment for May went through as well.

Today I receive an email by ClickAndBuy saying that my account is blocked, asking to get in touch with customer service. No explanation is provided in the email.


I call and I am informed that I have to provide:

  • a color copy of my identity card
  • a copy of my bank balance
  • a copy of an utility bill

Not one piece of identity, three! Despite the fact that the payments are made through the additional security loop provided by the VISA Verified service.

In 15+ years and hundreds of purchases made on the Internet, it is the first time I receive such a ridiculous request.

Just to make this clear: this is not a problem with Linden Lab, this is a problem with ClickAndBuy, one of their payment providers. Unfortunately, this is a case where one service’s unreasonable security procedures have a negative impact on Linden Lab.