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Please, read an update on this matter at the bottom of this post

A couple of weeks ago I reported a problem with one of the International payment providers, ClickandBuy, which you can read in my previous post. As I reported in my post, after having paid my monthly tier to Linden Lab successfully for two months in a row through ClickandBuy, suddenly on May 6th ClickandBuy blocked my account with them without explanation. Let me point out that using ClickandBuy was never my choice, I was forced to open an account with them because that was the only option Linden Lab offered.

As I said in my previous post, after contacting ClickandBuy’s customer service I was informed that I had to provide a color scanned image of my identity card (in an unrelated email I received at a later time they even asked for a copy of my passport), a copy of my bank statement and a copy of an utility bill. I won’t go into the details of how infuriating this request is. Just one question will suffice: what right does ClickandBuy have to poke its nose in my bank account?!?

Anyway, unwillingly I abided by their request. Almost two weeks later, 5 emails with the documents requested and 2 phone calls I am still struggling with ClickandBuy to have my account re-enabled. Without a single answer on their side or even an acknowledgement.

Wait, this is not the end of the story.

Recently Linden Lab sent an email apologizing for the problems occuring since they introduced new payment options for international customers. The email provided a link to this wiki page where I found an email address dedicated to payment problems. I sent an email where I explictly asked what payment options I had. This because two months ago I had no other option than choosing ClickandBuy and wanted to be sure what alternatives I had before messing up with my payment info. I sent an email to explain the problem and received a very polite answer with the options I had.
Worried that the problem with ClickandBuy will take forever to sort out, I decided to change my payment method. A first try with a link on my account page gave no other option but ClickandBuy. So, I tried deleting my payment method. That left me with no option to choose. Nothing! No selection is available.

Now, I am not posting this with the intent of pointing fingers to Linden Lab. I have sent another email to customer service to explain the problem. I am confident that the problem will be fixed… well, sort of confident. I understand there are problems needing to be resolved and not all of them are Linden Lab’s fault. Though, frankly, not being able to choose a payment method after deleting the existing one is disconcerting.

The reason I post this is to bring to the attention of Linden Lab the questionable practices of one of their payment providers, ClickandBuy, and their even more questionable customer service. I ask the Lindens, do you find it acceptable that a provider on which you rely to be paid treat your customers the way I am treated? And, shouldn’t you question their practices? I also question the logic of replacing a payment system that worked with one that is ridden with problems. For the past 4 years I have been regurarly paying my monthly fees to Linden Lab. Currently I pay US$975.00/month in tier to support the community I am part of, on which many people rely on.

So, Linden Lab… how can I pay you?

UPDATE: Linden Lab support replied to the email I sent explaining that in order to submit a payment option I need to make a purchase. Fine. I just wish to point out that at the time of this writing this information is not available on the account page. Furthermore, by the way the page is made the user is led to think that he/she can change payment method, while all the user can do is to delete the current payment information.

Anyway, once I had that bit of missing information I tried to resubmit my credit card info and found that I had 4 or 5 different options, one of them being ClickandBuy. In my post I said that when I had to switch to the new payment system I was forced to use ClickandBuy as it was the only option. I remember that to be the case. However, now that I have tried again and have found more options, I am no longer sure how it was when I had to switch. As for ClickandBuy, after trying repeatedly I gave up trying to get an answer from them. I will never use ClickandBuy again as far as I am concerned.