A Second Life Aviation Community Partnership Program

There is an interesting project that all Second Life aviators will find interesting. I have received the following text through the Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) group. A group of airports and estate owners are going to apply for a Second Life Community Partnership Program. There are the details of their application:


The East River Municipal Airport (ERMA) – Courtesy of aeromiao – Elisha Paklena


Icarus Reach
A Second Life Aviation Community Partnership Program
11 October 2010

I) Abstract:

We propose a Community Partnership Program (CPP) with Linden Lab modeled after the Blake Sea/United Sailing Sims. Those involved with this CPP are a confederation of airport/estate owners,  social and roleplay groups, and aircraft builders representing the ownership of dozens of mainland and private regions and hundreds of members. These groups have a long history of working productively together. We propose to bring several aviation estates to the Nautilus continent to surround a set of open Linden regions. These Linden regions will be rezzable with a short auto-return and open for tactical, search and rescue, and general/civilian aviation roleplay. Participating estates will be required to adhere to a basic set of agreed upon principles but otherwise be independent to manage their own estates as they wish.

II) ICARUS REACH – a resource for the aviation community of Second Life

a) “What are your aims:”

The members of the  Second Life aviation community  proposing the Icarus Reach CPP represent a diverse set of social and roleplay groups, estate and parcel owners, and builders whose shared goal is to enhance the aviation experience in Second Life. We have been active for years, and the number of airports, aviation groups, and estates continues to grow. Currently, SL aviators are faced by some limitations.  Flying in SL is restricted: In estates, one is limited to the regions available. On the mainland, ban lines, full parcels, and other factors restrict aviation mostly to open water. In those open water areas, operations are limited due to the lack of rezzable areas for rescue operations or for using VICE, one of the most universally used combat system. Additionally, while the Blake Sea remains a wonderful place to fly, tactical roleplay and search and rescue operations are often impractical due to the use of the area by sailors.

Our aim is to create a set of open Linden regions adjacent to the Greater Nautilus mainland (i.e. the Satori/Nautilus/Blake Sea/Corsica/Gaeta V mainland continents) that will be rezzable for tactical roleplay, search and rescue, and general/civilian aviation roleplay. These regions will be surrounded by private aviation estates.

b) “How are you organized?”

The group submitting this CPP have a common interest improving the quality  of SL aviation and to provide an arena for search and rescue, tactical roleplay, and general/civilian aviation events and include estate owners who will bring estates to Nautilus, as well as groups who regularly use, or are based in, the Greater Nautilus mainland who would benefit from this CPP.  The new Linden regions would be managed by Linden Lab, but a committee populated by a representative from the participating groups  (following the model of the Blake Sea Steering Committee) will advise Linden Lab in establishing protocalls for the use of the new aviation region.

Each participating estate/group will be required to adhere to a minimum set of guidelines that maintain and enhance aircraft flight, but will otherwise be independent in manageing their own affairs, membership, build theme, and activities.

The minimum guidelines for participating estares are:

-estate owners will maintain script enabled sims with open borders
-estate owners will not allow ban lines and attempt to avoid “full parcels”
– no skybuilds will be allowed under 2,000 m

Estates wishing to become part of the Icarus Reach Community Partnership Program can pettition the Steering Committee for membership.  Committee decisions will be by majority vote.
Applicants will be accepted based on a majority vote of the members of the Steering Committee.   Successful applicants will have demonstrated the interest and ability to work collaboratively and productively on aviation activities with other groups in the aviation community.   Estates will have until November 31, 2010 to petition the Icarus Reach Steering Committee for participation.

c) “Provide a List of Key Members”

ICARUS REACH Steering Committee:
Aeon Voom;  Amok Dynamics & Olds Airforce Base estate  (3 Regions), Olds AFB Newsletter (214 members)
Bancos Milestone; Avia-Balsa Double B Estates (23 regions), Double B Enterprises Group (669 Members)
Guarocuya Giano; Flying Tigers Group(315 members), WW2 Tribute Estate (4 regions)
Mark Twain White; Hollywood Airport and Honah Lee Field,  Hollywood Airport Pilots Association (178 members),
Rael Ellisson; Sparrow Field, DOGOOG, and chair of the Nautilus/Corsica Airport Owners Group (17 members, owners of at least 6 regions of mainland airports in the greater Nautilus area)
Tig Spijkers; Kinrara Airport, KINRARA, and the SL Coast Guard (99 members),

“Has the group voted on your proposal, and is everyone in agreement?”

The Icarus Reach CPP document has been discussed and approved by the Steering Comittee, is being  shared with the membership of the various groups for comment as well as on the aviation forum (http://www.slflying.org/forum/index.php)

Additionally, the leaders of the following aviation social or roleplay groups have confirmed support for this CPP:

Jamie Kessler, 1st Air Commando Group (366 members)
Serena Lexington and Erick Gregan, New Horizons Airport, ALPHUBEL. New Horizons Aviation Group (240 members),  E.G. Aircraft, & the Fortimus Flying Club (49 members)
Tank Kwaszes, Second Life Aviation Society (143 members)
Whitewolf Mumfuzz,  Aeronautica Aviators Association (401 members)

d) Where are you based in World?

Estates that have agreed to be moved to Nautilus adjacent to new Linden Regions:

Avia-Balsa Double B Estate (23 regions)
Olds AFB Estate (3 regions)
WW2 Tribute Estate (4 regions)

Existing Nautilus/Corsica/Blake Sea airports:

Acknefar Airport, ACKNEFAR
Baitoushan Airport, BAITOUSHAN
Boyington Airfield, ZAPICO
Elinor Field, BERTAGGIA
Hollywood Airport, SANTA CATALINA
Honah Lee Field, HONAH LEE SURF
Kinrara Airport, KINRARA
Mounford Airport, MOUNFORD
New Horizons Airfield, ALPHUBEL
Sparrow Field, DOGOOG
SLPG Prague Airport, ST DIABLOUX
Zee West Airport, GLADZYCK

e) What do you need from Linden Lab in support of your proposal?

We propose that a number of  Linden regions be added to the greater Nautilus mainland to be surrounded by privately owned aviation estates, on the model of the USS/Blake Sea partnership. The new Linden regions will be rezzable with a short autoreturn to allow search and rescue, tactical roleplay operations, and civilian aviation roleplay, and will include a balance of land and deep water ocean.

f) “What benefits will this bring to the Mainland, or to the wider Second Life Community?”

In a recent address, Philip Linden noted that improving Second Life’s ability to support ‘vehicle’ activities was a priority for Linden Lab, and Icarus Reach is a user-intiated effort to improve the mainland to this end.    Icarus Reach will enhance the greater Nautilus/Satori/Corsica/ Gaeta V/Blake Sea area, which is already the most ‘geographic’ of mainland continents. This area has the most navigable areas (such as  the Bingo Straight, the Melville themed sims, and the Blake Sea), and this project will continue to enhance that quality. All of the participatory groups already maintain airports open to the public.  Joining together in this way will enhance the ‘geographic’ experience of the Greater Nautilus Mainland for all residents by providing additional public space, facilities, and events linked together within this mainland context.

Icarus reach will also have an educational resource components.  Participating members are strongly committed to honoring members of the armed forces, past and present, and to the history of aviation.  Several  have, or are planning to have, parcels set aside for aviation museums and interactive International Veteran’s tributes.  We hope  that a welcome center, on the Linden Lab part of the CPP, could be set aside for this purpose.

g) “Is this an ongoing project, or for a specific time period after which it would end”

This is an ongoing project to enhance the Greater Nautilus mainland for all residents.

h) “Participating Groups will be evaluated in part based on their ability to:”

“build and support a strong inworld community”

The participating estates/groups have done and continue to do this by maintaining public facilities and running numerous events that include offering flying lessons, tactical role play and search and rescue operations, airline general aviation operations, social occassions, and many other events. This ability will be enhanced by the CPP by bringing numerous groups/estates together in one geographic space thus improving the quality and opportunities for these events.

“Be transparent with the wider community in how it is run and how Residents can get involved.”

Participating estates/groups each have their own administrative structures, and these will remain in place in regards to their private estates or within their group activities. The new Linden Lab regions will be governed by the LL TOS and a set of protocols decided in advance by the Steering Committee (modeled after the Blake Sea structure). This Steering Committee will act as a liason between the participating groups/owners and LL. No group/owner will have administrative powers over the Linden Lab region.

This draft proposal will be circulated among all the aviation groups and on the aviation forum for comment. 

“Allow the majority of Residents to join or be involved in Group activities”

Each of the participating airport/estate owners currently allows any resident to use their airports/regions, and the participating groups currently are open to new members. Each group maintains facilities at numerous airports that describe the group’s activities and explains processes and requirements for joining.

“Allows other closely related Groups to also be involved”

Icarus Reach is being proposed by a confederation of ‘closely related’ but otherwise independent groups. All Second Life residents will be able to use any new Linden regions according to the LL TOS, and will be able to access the public facilities available in the participating estates and nearby mainland airports, as they always have done.  Additionally, just as the Blake Sea is designed for sailing but is open to other vehicles, Icarus Reach will be open to other vehicles as well.

“Show how you provide a compelling inworld experience for all Residents, not just the members of the Group itself”

Flight simulation, and vehicle simulation generally, is underdeveloped in Second Life but has tremendous potential and demand. Philip Linden recently suggested that improving vehicle use is a priority for Linden Lab.  There is an ever-growing number of aviation groups and aircraft builders, as well as residents who wish to use them. Icarus Reach will provide an arena for aviation that takes advantage of existing assets (the Greater Nautilus mainland and the work of the participating aviation groups) to start bringing the aviation experience out of its current limitations within isolated private estates and sandwiched within narrow mainland parcels. This will benefit not just the participating groups, but all residents and Linden Lab itself.   Additionally, just as the Blake Sea is usable by aircraft while being prioritized for sailing, Icarus Reach will be open to users of other vehicle types.

“Proposals should outline plans for how the Group intends to manage the following”


Each participating group will continue to run events (group flights, tactical and search and rescue role play, civilian/general aviation roleplay, educational events,  social events, etc) announced within the various inworld aviation groups, the SL Aviation forum (http://www.slflying.org/forum/index.php), or the Flying Tiger’s magazine The Aviator . Groups/estate owners will manage these events within their own regions. Activities and events in Linden Regions will be subject to LL TOS on an equal basis.

“Prim Needs and Land Management”

Participating estates will manage their own regions.  As members of the Icarus Reach CPP they will maintain their regions as script and entry enabled for all residents, with no ban lines or full parcels, and no sky builds below 2000 m. The Linden regions will be managed by LL TOS and by protocols established in advance by LL in consultation with the Icarus Reach Steering Committee.

“Membership, Group Roles, and abilities.

The participating groups/estate owners will maintain their own memberships, group roles, and abilities individually. Participating groups and estates will maintain parcels and facilities that describe each group and its policies and requirements for membership. These vary from group to group, but no participating group has closed membership. No individual, group, or estate will have direct administrative control over use of the Linden Regions proposed in this CPP.

An update from Linden Lab on Mesh Open Beta

I have just received an update from Alexa Linden on the Mesh Open Beta. October 13th is the day the open beta will start and the Lindens are busy getting things ready. Here some details.

There will be 3 types of sims on Aditi, the beta grid:

  • Sandboxes, 35 of them.  All sims will have 24-hour auto return.
  • Mesh City sims 1-4.  These sims have no auto return.  Only members of  the CBP Mesh group can build on these sims.
  • MeshHQ sims 1-4. These are where the mesh meetings will take place  after we open the public beta. These sims have a 5 minute return.


Second Life 3D Mesh group on Flickr


, ,

I have created a Flickr group to collect images of 3D mesh objects.

The purpose of the group is to showcase what can be achieved with mesh import and give a glimpse of how Second Life can benefit from it.

Everyone is welcome to contribute pictures of mesh objects for Second Life.

Please visit http://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlife3dmesh